“Just as no two people are the same, no two photographers will create your photograph in the same way.”

Stephen Cotterell as photographed by Barbara Muller

Do you believe you are “unphotogenic”? Have you ever had a portrait of yourself that you’ve been unhappy with? Do you need photographs for your business, your home or your website?

On the morning of 19th January 2012, I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to people and photography. Since then, I have worked in the UK and internationally with businesses, private clients, creative souls and groups of people to create successful portraits for them.

Here’s what some clients have said about me and my work

#recommended!!!!!! This man is a legend.  Adaptable, Flexible and a unique ability to put you at ease in front of the camera. Making you feel natural and comfortable and indeed beautiful without any self consciousness. Creating timeless, beautiful pictures you and your family will cherish.” – SK – Management Consultant

“Stephen has a real gift. His intuition, enthusiasm & genuine love for people all combine to create an experience that goes beyond the production of beautiful photography. I would not hesitate to recommend him.” A-M – HR Executive

“Stephen is one of those rare people that can inspire you in a very few words. His creativity appears limitless and his personable style is a delight. He is also a truly excellent Photographer and one who is willing to share his experiences and skills and take the time to bring people together to help them improve and share experience.” C – Non-Executive Director

“Getting my pictures taken by Stephen was as far as it could have been from what I had imagined a photo shoot to be.  Imagine the sweet spot between the warmth and ease of a chat with a mate at the pub with the depth and intellectual excitement of an executive coaching session… and to discover that the 2 hours you’ve just spent together flew by so quickly because you’ve had a great time, and you’ve learned a lot about yourself.

From a photo shoot perspective, I guess the big mystery was after Stephen left: I had a great time, but… what kind of photos did he actually create of me?  The surprise was overwhelming: these are some of the best photos I’ve seen of myself. The first comment I got for my new profile photo was “you look so human on this photo”… I guess it doesn’t get better than that, does it? I am thrilled to have met Stephen, and I can’t imagine wanting a photo shoot from anyone else. Believe me, you will get so much more out of it than just a series of fabulous photos. Thank you.” N – Author, Speaker and Business Coach

“What strikes me about Stephen is that he’s interested, he wants to know about me, what I’ve done and why. Essentially we’re talking about photography, but it could be any subject really, and it’s the detail that he’s interested the opportunity and experience the real grit of what makes people tick and their story, and I found that totally refreshing. What I found is that Stephen is a totally genuine guy, a natural charmer with a real passion for people and photography.” M – TV Industry Executive

“Stephen is able to capture the essence of his subjects as he deeply cares about the power and purpose of photography, what it reveals, the unexpected, how it can create connection and inspiration. Working with Stephen is fun and creative. He also uses his coaching and development skills as he listens and watches – so you get “two for the price of one”. I highly recommend him.” S – Executive Coach

“They are so beautiful and working with you on these was a real pleasure.  I actually enjoyed having my picture taken, and that’s unprecedented.” F – Marketing Director

“Stephen’s talent and skills for photography comes from a place of genuine love. I am always inspired by anyone who allows their passion to feed through into exceptional results. Stephen makes being in front of the camera an adventure, a time for play, joy and sincerity. His work speaks for itself and I would recommend everyone to work with Stephen at least once; if only to experience his passion for photography.” A – Entrepreneur

“I think these photos are fab and will work perfectly for what I need. Sara and I looked at them straight away, agreed they would be perfect.” S – PR Director 

“Walking towards Stephen you are greeted with a warm smile and then a hug which straight away puts you at ease. Though sometimes it is daunting to be the centre of attention and to have a camera pointed at you, Stephen always makes you feel comfortable. With all his talents as a photographer and knowing how to get the perfect photo, he also has time for anyone and everyone, offering them stories, advice or just to share a joke and a chat. I have been very lucky to have worked with Stephen twice and hope to do so again in the near future. Thank you for everything.” J – Director

“Stephen Cotterell thank you!! You are such a fabulous photographer and know exactly how to create amazing and creative results. It was a great experience and you are lots of fun to work with. This would be a great idea for other clients wanting to achieve something more unique by way of a portrait.” S – a private client

“In my humble opinion, Stephen made me feel really comfortable doing our shoots by making small talk, asking and sharing his ideas, being polite, friendly, focused, creative which brought a great atmosphere to the shoot and it showed on the pictures. I think that he is probably the best photographer I have ever worked with and I am looking forward to work with him again in near future.” J – a private client

“Wow – what a wedding and thank you for the marvelous photographs. They truly caught the unique atmosphere of that special day, you did a really awesome job, thanks again.” S – a private client

“Even as a fellow professional photographer, I’ve never really felt comfortable in front of the lens; my passion comes from being the one taking the shots. That said, there are times in our careers where we need images of ourselves for marketing, networking, portfolio branding and even as in my case with Stephen, extending a helping hand and taking part in his Portraiture project. In over 20 years of taking images I have never really created one of myself which I was ever completely comfortable with – and then I permitted Stephen to take my portrait. Wow! His very relaxed manner made me feel so at ease and by the end of the session I could have stayed and had much more photography done. As a colleague in the same profession and also as a potential client for business portraiture, I would have no hesitation in recommending Stephen – his work illustrates the perfect balance between professionalism and personable approach combined with super expertise.” L – a professional photographer

“I worked with Stephen today, & he is easily one of the most polite & creative photographers I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with. He is extremely professional and allowed me to have my creative input as well as gentle direction. Highly recommended! Thank you, Stephen.” E – singer and songwriter

“Stephen Cotterell makes photography FUN. I can honestly say, I’ve never enjoyed having my photograph taken as I’ve never seen a photo of me that I actually like, but by the end of our session I was really enjoying the results and the whole process. Stephen takes the time to find out about you and constructs his photo’s to reflect that. I loved the results.” L – a private client

“Stephen – wow what an experience our photo shoot turned out to be! I knew it was going to be special but not THAT special! You have an incredible knack of connecting with your clients and putting them at their ease. I had always considered myself fairly unphotogenic so, of course, I would become tense in front of the camera and that would have an effect on the end results. The safe and wonderful environment that you create is magical and it allowed the real me to shine through with awesome results!! Thank you!”  E – a private client

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