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People need headshots for many reasons. Understanding that there is a range of reasons is very nice to know. However, there are some very specific reasons for people who want professionally produced, quality photographs which is why I have set-up my headshot studio for people like you. Imagine how well people will react to yours.

You already know that Business people will always need electronic photographs for their personal profile at work, their website and LinkedIn. Individuals often want to update their social media profile, for their personal delight or give a gift of a photoshoot to their family and friends. Creative people such as Actors, Artists and Musicians will similarly have very specific needs, from an entry in the Spotlight directory, their professional profile and even artwork for their latest output. Some people just want to have fun, which is why Kasia and I created lots of different looks in black and white, and in colour. The three images above give you a small insight into what is possible.

What do you need from your headshot experience, and for whom are we creating the images?


p.s. The October Offer is still available with a a limited slots. Click here or on the photographs above to find out a bit more. Do not hesitate to get in touch with all and any questions that you have.

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