The Boxer and the Ballerina

Sometimes simply saying yes to an unexpected opportunity creates beautiful results. Recently, I was the subject of a documentary project. Barbara Muller wanted to photograph me at work. I said yes. Happily, our Boxer and Ballerina said yes too. UPDATE Barbara has posted her blog, “Stephen Cotterell at Work”

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They had never been photographed together before while dressed in their respective professional outfits.  We were all excited to discover what we could create together. We planned to use a well equipped Boxing Gym in London as our impromptu photography studio. I am very used to travelling to client workplaces to photograph them but I had never worked in a boxing gym before.

What follows is a small number of  the many images from our “The Boxer and the Ballerina” photoshoot. Please take a look and let me know what you think of them.

Imagine what we can create together!


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