Headshots with Leah – one person, many possibilities

It is always a pleasure when reminded that no two people are the same.

Imagine my delight when Leah (who comes from a family of actors) asked me to create a range of photographs of her. She understands the need for up-to-date photographs. With my lights, lenses, camera in hand and my method in my mind, I travelled to Leah’s home where we set-up my portable studio. Our plan was to create a range of portraits for her, including some headshots. The photographs here show a small sample from the headshot section of her updated portfolio.

If you have already been photographed then you will know how easy, comfortable and fun the process of exploring how you can create different looks will be for you. Using a unique and effective process (that I have evolved since 2012) even people who believe that they are not photogenic quickly learn to relax and enjoy being photographed.

You know that there are many types of portrait photography and, given that everyone is different (even identical twins), there are many variations from which you can choose one or more preferred photographic styles. One such variation, the headshot, is a very restrictive way to create memorable images of a person. You might easily imagine other types of photography with different restrictions or restraints.

In the words of David Burkus; “Creativity doesn’t just love constraints; it thrives under them”.

When you want to enjoy a creative, thriving photographic experience with me, simply get in touch because it’s easy.


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