Sharpening the Saw – How a London Street Fashion shoot is important for Business People

Professionally, my work focuses on corporate, personal and creative portraiture.

Many business people know, especially those who have adopted the principles of Stephen Covey’s; “7 habits for highly successful people”, that sharpening the saw is an important part of our continuous  professional development. Without it we will ossify and fall behind. With it we open ourselves to new opportunity, possibilities and collaborations. The bonus is that we meet great people and discover many doors of possibility.

You probably have already embraced the value created by the process of connecting, communicating, collaborating and creating with others to produce work that would otherwise be impossible. Creating visual assets is clearly an important part of the value creation process for any business with an evolving communication strategy.

As a photographer, and business person, it is vital to be seen to walk the talk. This is why, from time-to-time, I will take time out to collaborate with others with the primary vision of producing work that would otherwise not happen.

During a very cold February afternoon in Shoreditch, London; Aditi, Brighid, Calvin (a fellow photographer not pictured here), Kilian, Stevie,  Susy and I joined together to produce a set of images that we all appreciate and remind us of an important day in our lives because we value each others contribution.

Brighid Kelley

Etionsa Agbontaen

Aditi Bajpai

Kilian Gargan

Stevie French

Taking time out of our busy business lives to collaborate with people who matter speaks volumes about those of us how want to continuously sharpen our own personal saw.

What do you want to create for your business? What message do you want to project? How do you imagine connecting, communicating, collaborating and creating with me?

I’ll am very interested to hear your plans to do that.


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