Photographing People

This is David and Sarah Cousens. They run a very creative business called Cool Surface Ltd 

David and Sarah Cousens

David and I met at an event, called “Creative Meet-up”, organised and sponsored by Adobe. We instantly clicked and agreed that one day I would create David’s portrait. Months went by before we were able to find a day when would both be available. Happily the day for our portrait shoot arrived.  David introduced me to Sarah, his wife and Managing Director of their company. After a chat about how I approach photographing people (which has very little to do with the camera), Sarah accepted my invitation to join us for the photoshoot.

We travelled to a theatre where David is an active Trustee. This became our pop-up studio space where we set up my lights, cameras, reflectors and other equipment. Before I picked up a camera David, Sarah and I created a common understanding of my approach and how we could each actively contribute to the photoshoot.

Here you can see some of the results of our time together.

How might you see something like this working for you?


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