A Portrait Project Retrospective


One morning, in January 2012, I woke up and decided to dedicate the rest of my life to people and photography.

To make this decision real, I reached out, via social media, and simply asked for help. Within minutes, people stepped forward to arrange their photoshoot for my project.

At the start of the project, I was only expecting to photograph a few people, 15 to 20 at the most. Much to my surprise the project proved very popular. By the beginning of June 2012, I had travelled extensively across south-east England to photograph 60 people in their homes, their places of work or simply in the streets of their town. Some of my subjects were friends, a few were fellow photographers but mostly the people in front of my cameras were strangers who I was meeting for the first time on the day of our photoshoot. It was a wonderful experience.

[Larger versions of 12 of the project portraits from the 60 thumbnails shown above are here: http://stephencotterell.com/12-portraits-from-2012/ ]

What did I learn? Lots, including the value of mistakes, creativity, location photography, lighting set-ups, raising my game in the digital darkroom, prizing trust and meaningful experiences. Most of all I learned about how privileged I am when I photograph people like them and potentially you.

Whenever you want to chat about how a photographic experience will be of real benefit to you, get in touch.

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