What would you do with this?

The ultimate in personalised business cards

The question “What would you do with this?” placed here for you to consider because of an experience I created for the first time yesterday.

The greatest in personalised business cards may not sound like a very exciting idea but what about this?

Imagine a past meeting between you and a stranger at a conference, office, networking event or some other safe space where people meet and greet. What do you remember about the encounter? How did you stay in touch? What did you do with their card?

Now think forward into the very near future. You can easily imagine that when we meet, we chat and instantly decide that we like each other so much that we want to stay in touch. What happens next? Not what you necessarily expect.

Instead of a traditional preprinted business card how do you feel about receiving your portrait as a unique business card?

That’s the human experience I was testing at just such an event last evening. The photographs above are the first two examples of the most unusual business cards available in a limited edition of one!

The person in the photograph on the left (with the fun background photograph) is Calvin Chinthaka who was so moved by the experience that he wrote a blog about it. You can read about what he said here: http://www.chinthaka.co.uk/blog-1/2015/10/1/story-behind-my-picture . I have met Calvin on many occasions and I really like him and his work.

The second person is Talie Eigeland who I had never met before last night. It turns out that she too is incredibly talented. Please check out her website at http://www.talie-eigeland.co.uk/ and watch this space.

So, if you are a fellow human being, would like to connect and want to enjoy a heart warming experience with me when then please feel free to get in touch.

Thank you


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