Portraits using the Brenizer Method (or how many photographs can become one)

Sarah on a Bench © stephen cotterell photography

A couple of years ago I discovered the work of an American Wedding Photographer called Ryan Brenizer. He has invented a way to create astonishingly beautiful portraits with his DSLR camera. Technically speaking he managed to create “impossible” depth of field in his images. Curious about how he and his method works I purchased his video training and ploughed my way through it.

In no time it became clear to me that in order for me to be able to apply his technique, I needed to raise my digital darkroom game. After becoming an accomplished student of Photoshop I was ready. So, few days ago, I asked for a volunteer to help me to put my Brenizer knowledge into practice. Fortunately, Sarah, a friend and client was happy to help out.

Without going into too much detail about how the method works (obviously Ryan Brenizer is the expert on this and, for the curious, his video is available online at http://ryanbrenizer.com/videos/) a large number of individual images were combined and edited on my computer. The complete process was very time consuming but well worth it, I hope that you agree!

Sarah head in hand © stephen cotterell photography

The photographs above are just two examples from our photoshoot. We went on to create more, having fun with different poses, looks and backgrounds.

Maybe you are curious about the difference between the results of this method and existing photographs of you?

Get in touch when you’d like to experience having your portrait done by an experienced, skilful and creative photographer.

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  • Sarah Kiwan KingStephen Cotterell thank you!! You are such a fabulous photographer and know exactly how to create amazing and creative results. It was a great experience and you are lots of fun to work with :)This would be a great idea for other clients wanting to achieve something more unique by way of a portrait (imo) 😉 xReplyCancel