Who needs a photographer?

Everyone is a photographer now because most of us use our phones and cameras all the time – it’s easy – unlike the “olden days” there’s  no cost for film or developing the final photos. The snaps we take capture great memories that we want to share with our families, friends and colleagues.
It doesn’t matter much if the image is a bit blurry, fuzzy or just a bit out of focus. It’s the emotional response that matters because we care about the people who are important to us.
Yet, we live in a world where images are more powerful than words – they are immediate and have huge impact.
So I invite you consider:
What would it be like to treat yourself to a 2 or 3 hour session focussing on getting a really amazing set of photographs of you, your loved ones or colleagues?
How would you like to experience a carefully tailored photoshoot that leaves you feeling good about yourself and delighted with the photographs?
To find out please fill out this simple form and I’ll be in touch with you http://stephencotterell.com/request-a-photoshoot/
Thank you
p.s. Satisfaction is guaranteed – please contact me for details


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