One idea, two photographs, five years apart

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What is your personal relationship with photography, ideas and time?

The photograph on the left is called The effect of glycerin on an artificial leaf LX3″ and was created in July, 2009 in my desktop studio in Brighton. The image on the right is called “Macro Leaf Drop Revisited” and was conceived, created and captured in July 2014 in my desktop studio in Kingston upon Thames.

Both photographs have been extraordinarily popular on social media. The first has been shared, copied and stolen repeatedly by website and blog owners across the world. The second was uploaded to flickr the day it was created and was viewed more than 7,000 times in less than 48 hours.

If you would like to view larger more detailed versions of both then they are available in one of my galleries. Simply click here for the first and here for the second.


You are always very welcome to get in touch and share your relationship with photography, ideas and time.



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p.s. My eye, heart and mind have been trained to notice subtleties and details by my interest in macro and people photography. During a portrait session my photographs of you will be all the better for those little differences that make all the difference. That is why this post is published under the portrait rather than the macro category for this website.

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