Notice of a forthcoming project: “Art from Hidden Parts”

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If you are reading this then you already know my view that creating photography is akin to dancing. That is our creativity is at it’s best when both dancers are contributing to the ebb and flow that magically forms a unique and memorable experience. Imagine what this will mean for you and the stories that you can tell in the future.

My current project, based around using a Petzval lens to create unique people portraiture, is compelling evidence of the dancing metaphor. Unfortunately, that project ends in July 2014 which begs the question; “What’s next?”. The title of this post suggests something to you doesn’t it?

The project title is designed to be as specific or a broad as you want it to be. I have bags of ideas about hidden places, hidden activities, hidden parts and playing with lights and shadows. However, I am much more interested in hearing from you about all and any of your interpretations of the title and how you would love to be involved in creating Art from Hidden Parts.

I am trusting that this project, will attract people like you who get it and will not appeal to those artless souls who want to know everything before they even consider making a commitment to moving forward!

On the subject of money and your investment in this project: there will be no charge for our photo session, post-processing and hosting of the photographs in a private online gallery. However, the overriding intention is to create photographic art that we will both be proud of for years to come. This means that to make the project viable you will need and want to pay for all electronic and printed copies of the photographic art that I produce uniquely for you.

If you have read this far then I suspect that your curiosity is aroused and we will need to communicate what we would like to create, choose a date, location and start working on some ideas before we finalise our choices.

In short, this is my early invitation to you to come out to play.


P.s. How will you feel if you let this limited opportunity slip by? Life is too short to have creative regrets don’t you agree?

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