One Head – Twelve Faces

One Head - Twelve Faces 01 copy

You might be wondering why I have posted this “One Head – Twelve Faces” image?

What if, you or someone you know believes that they only have one “camera face” or fixed expression that they show time after time?

If I can make a head made of expand polystyrene look from subtly to very different (using several professional  lighting techniques), I wonder how you will look in front of my camera?


Thank you,


stephen cotterell photography
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p.s. This series of photographs was used with one light at a time in similar positions using the same light modifier. Four different types of lights were used in the creation of these twelve photographs of one head. If you would like to experience this for yourself or simply would love to know more then please get in touch as soon as you like.

p.p.s. What if you experienced a range of different expressions too?

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