12 People have acted and chose: City, Coast or Country

By the time you have read about this opportunity you will know this is for you.

Next week I am expecting delivery of a new but rare lens which will add a different dimension to the types of portraits I will be offering future clients. The results will be distinctive, good looking and very attractive.

However, I don’t like doing things by halves so I am looking for twelve volunteers to step forward for an OPEN AIR portrait shoot with me.

So if you are over 25 years old and live in, or can easily travel to, any of the following regions then please step forward and claim YOUR FREE PLACE immediately.

As you can see below, there ONLY four places available per category. In each case you get to choose the specific location for our photo shoot.

The categories are:

CITY – Anywhere in London with a gritty or “Capital City” feel

currently available free codes: CITY1, CITY2, CITY3 and CITY4 [NO MORE SLOTS AVAILABLE]

COAST – any public beach or coastal area in Hampshire or Sussex

currently available free codes: COAST1COAST2COAST3 and COAST4 [NO MORE SLOTS AVAILABLE]

COUNTRY – Any wide open or wooded space in Greater London, Hampshire, Surrey or Sussex

currently available free codes: COUNTRY1, COUNTRY2, COUNTRY3 and COUNTRY4 [NO MORE SLOTS AVAILABLE]

What’s in it for you?  You will receive a link to a portfolio of photographs uploaded to a private online gallery from which you can choose up to six images for online use PLUS you will get one free print

What’s in it for me? I will be able to get to know my new lens really well in a variety of locations with 12 amazing people and be able to show the results to others.

What’s in it for both of us? We will spend a fun two or three hours together.

What’s next?

Contact me now by email, text or phone to reserve your code. Once this has been confirmed to you then we will arrange a time, date and place and generate some fun ideas for our photo shoot

Thank you for acting now because when it’s gone, it’s gone and life is too short not to have fun!


stephen cotterell photography
07990 525 814
020 8549 3693

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