“Live and Uncut” – Its not a repeat! with Paul Griffiths

You may or may not be interested in this ….. either way you are invited to sit back, relax and listen to this conversation and wonder what it might mean for you.

Paul Griffiths, of one camera, one lens fame, contacted me to ask if I would be a guest on his live photography show which airs on google+ I said yes because it would be a new experience for me.

Our conversation is available on youtube which is where this video is stored.

Paul can be found on google+

He skilfully managed the flow of our conversation and, like me, you may not have expected it to be covering so much ground. Paul cleverly structured the broadcast, complete with photographs that he had selected before the programme started. He teased thoughts, stories and ideas out of me which might help you to focus on how I might be able to serve you, how I do what I can do for you and why photography may be so important to you when you are brave enough to trust me.

Thank you,


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p.s. please make contact and let me and/or Paul know what you think, feel and want to see next.

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