“The day I truly felt my own beauty” by Aderonke Lawal

Aderonke Rawal

“It was a grey and rainy day when Stephen arrived to do our photo-shoot but he brought the sunshine with him when he arrived!

I was in a great mood and he made feel even greater with a lovely conversation that came from the heart. I had pre-planned my wardrobe and Stephen had brought some material to play with too. I’m not normally one for “Vanity shots” as I call them, I realise now it’s because I am not comfortable feeling my own beauty.

That is not to say that I am not confident but I struggle sometimes to genuinely see my own physical beauty and I was honest about that with Stephen. He made me feel safe enough to express this and there was no judgement. We were able to express my new found understanding of what it is to feel one’s own true beauty and we managed to create an vision of this for a third person…a person who we did not know but with whom we wanted to share these images.

The colours, the love and the laughter are evident in the images that Stephen shot. I love them and it turns out that the “third person” loves them too – I don’t think I have ever had such an amazing response to any images I have ever taken before!

I am grateful to Stephen for allowing me to feel my beauty and to love it through his lens!”

Ronke Lawal
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