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Ralph Beeby


When you meet Ralph Beeby you will immediately tell that Ralph Beeby is British because he is so modest. However, as you will find out he is a man of many talents.

I really appreciated Ralph contacting me to participate in my ongoing “creative kingston” project. Step one was to check Ralph’s eligibility for the project and to my delight he told me that he was born in the famous hospital which is less than ten minutes walk from where I live in Kingston.

We arranged to meet at a studio in north London. Ralph provided himself and a collection of his Bass Guitars and I provided cameras, lenses and lights. We are both really pleased with the resultant photographs, two of which are shown here. Afterwards Ralph dropped me a line in which he wrote; “Thank you very much for the session on Wednesday night, it was a pleasure working with you. (I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve worked with a photographer who can put his subject so completely at ease!). Thank you for the link – the photos look fantastic.”

Enough about the background already! Here are one or two things that you might like to found out about Ralph Beeby and explore further.

He is a talented musician who writes music, plays piano and, more importantly for this post, is a very talented Bass Guitarist. He plays in a fantastic band called Cherry White. There website can be found at

 After photographing Ralph I thought that I would see how else he expresses his creativity. One of my discoveries is that he has posted a blog about the building of one of his favourite Bass Guitars. He has even named it Aradia and the story of Aradia’s birth starts here.

You can follow Ralph and Cherry White on twitter @cherrywhitegigs


Cherry White are about to announce the identity of their new lead singer. Please check out to find out who she is AND enjoy the band performing together with their new band member here. After watching and listening to the band with their new mystery singer I can’t wait to find out who she is and then learn about where and when they will be performing live!



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p.s. creative kingston is my personal photographic portrait project that showcases talented creative people who live, work or have been born in Kingston upon Thames. If you or someone you know would like to reach out and participate please feel free to do so now.




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