What if it’s not about you?

A suggestion to examine your personal photography thoughts for the day.

If you believe that YOU are not photogenic, then that belief becomes a truth very quickly and it directly affects your behaviour. Who do you know who does this? Whenever anyone comes near with a camera they might freeze, pull a face or even run away (I know that I used to do a lot of the latter). What sort of photographs are produced as a consequence? Obviously awful ones, which reenforce the belief that “they” are not photogenic. So as time goes by (apart from those unappealing grab shots from a camera phone), fewer and fewer photographs of you are created.

However, what if photography was not about YOU but about your loved ones and other people you care about. Are they family, friends, colleagues and, even, your customers and clients? How do you think they will feel not to be able to have a photograph of you?

I personally know how this feels. My Dad died when I was a young teenager and I do not have a single photograph to remember him by.

It took me a long time to learn to walk the talk and realise that our face produces a multitude of expressions (thousands and thousands of micro expressions too) which means that, with some help and guidance, everyone (this means you) can learn to look great in a photograph that will become a cherished memory for all concerned.

What are you believing and feeling now?

love, peace and smiles


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