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Kirsty Goggin is a beautiful woman, actor and a very creative person who expresses her very clear ideas, her ambitions and her unstoppable energy with grace and elegance. In short she is a marvellous force of nature. She is also the third person to participate in my “creative kingston” project.

We first met for a photography project and as a result we have got to know a little about each other. What I have learned already is that Kirsty oozes the essence of acting perfectly through the two main roles that she enjoys most; tragedy and comedy. Something that has been celebrated by the world of theatre since the time of the Greek playwrights.

Kirsty Goggin can be found online in at least three places

Please get in touch with Kirsty if you have an acting project in mind and/or contact me if you know someone who would like to be recognised (though my project) as part of “creative kingston”.

Thank you


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