Paris in Black & White

This black and white photograph (from this week’s trip to Paris) really sums up why I love photography.

It helps me, and hopefully, you to experience the world differently and elevate specific moments of time to a higher emotional level.

When I “saw” this image in my mind’s eye I was actually a long way away, at the wrong angle and hoping that no one would move away from or that someone else would move onto the steps. Five minutes after “seeing the shot” I arrived at a position I was happy with and pressed the shutter button a couple of times (the second one was for luck but it turned out that I didn’t need it).

Days later I was back here at my desk reviewing and selecting photographs when I realsied that actually there was a better photograph within the image.

This photograph is the result that I present to you now.

What emotions (or not) does this slice of life invoke for you?

Thank you

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p.s. please check out for the larger version of this and other photographs from Paris and elsewhere

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