The digital darkroom – revealing the detailed picture


This photograph was created in July 2012. The sea was quite rough causing the whale watching boat to move up and down and side to side as we motored along off the coast outside of Sydney, Australia. This was my first whale watching trip (I enjoyed my second a week later when we observed two younger whales breaching and playing).

I was so excited to be able to photograph the whale in this photograph as it travelled along it’s annual migration path. Imagine how exciting it was to upload the photographs onto a computer screen and be able to see details that we not possible to see either from the boat or on the screen on the back of a camera.

That was until yesterday! I spent the day in the company of Tim Daly, an expert teacher, in what I had previously thought, was the mysterious relationship between the art of digital darkroom processing and high quality printing. Tim helped me and a handful of others to acquire the eye, the skills and the ability to bring out details in a photograph that would otherwise be impossible to see otherwise.

You are invited to enjoy the photograph on this page which was the one I chose to use under Tim’s tutelage.  Or better still go to the gallery version and scroll around the photograph and examine  the water on the Whale’s tail, the barnacles and other details. The link to the larger version is here (a new page will open on your computer screen).

As exciting as it was for me to have the life changing opportunity to be able to go whale watching, twice, it is even more exciting and memorable for you to be photographed by someone who puts you first. As I have written before, it is not about the camera.

No two people are the same and the deep levels of respect, care and attention required in creating your portrait is more than just pressing the camera’s shutter button in the appropriate lighting conditions. You are invited to experience what I mean for yourself.

Imagine how good you will feel when we meet, create and then review my unique portraits of you. What’s stopping you from taking that important next step, really?

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