Limited Time Call for Applicants who want to have some creative photographic fun

As part of my continuing personal development I am investing quite a lot of time money and energy in training, creative play and experimentation. This is in addition to my investment in cameras, lenses and lights.

Recently, I became the proud owner of an icelight. This is a specialist item of professional lighting kit that emulates window light (a beautiful source of light) in any environment.

So, I am looking for, no more than, 20 people to be photographed using my icelight, my camera and my heart, mind & eye – the best photographs will be published in an online gallery in the company of some of the world’s best professionals.

There is no limit to the number of people who will wish to be considered for my “icelight project”. However, you do need to submit an application to me. You are invited to let me know how you want to be photographed and what creative ideas that you would like to express in front of my lens (and the icelight of course). There are no upward age limits but the minimum age is 21 years.

Please send me a personal email at with a brief outline of your ideas and a reasonably recent photograph of yourself.

Thank you


p.s. if this does not appeal to you personally I bet that you can think of at least three people who would love to dive into this creative and fun project so please pass this invitation to them now!!

p.p.s. all photosessions will take place in and around London, England

p.p.p.s. Finally, please remember that this is limited to only 20 free photosessions so please put on your creative thinking hat and apply now.

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  • Stephen Cotterell PhotographyYesterday was really fun because of my very first icelight photoshoot was a real success. The quality of light on skin and the catchlight in the eyes helped me to create some beautiful photography.ReplyCancel

  • Tim MaudeHi Stephen
    If there are any places left, I would not mind a decent picture of myself. As for my ideas, I’m sure you have a lot of better ideas then me ! I would like a picture that I can use for work. As I do a lot of work with government, one idea is to use the Houses of Parliament as a background. Taken from the South Bank, it gets the sunlight on it in the morning, and is backlit just before sunset.

    • stephenHi Tim

      Of course – Let’s touch base and organise something. It’ll be good to spend some time with you.



  • Stephen Cotterell PhotographyA big thank you to all of the people who have sent me their applications by private message, text or email. I am SO impressed with all of them. Consequently, the number of dates that I can justify to this free project is reducing rapidly. If you are wondering if you should get involved then please, please please get in touch quickly. I would feel bad if you missed your opportunity for photographic fun just because of an unwritten application. Thank you – Stephen.ReplyCancel

  • Stephen CotterellThanks Laura and Lisa – quite a few places have been snapped up already – I’ll keep a look out for your friend’s daughter making contact. If there’s anything I can do please let me know.


  • Laura MorganTry it – Stephen is a lovely person to have your photographic session with – you will feel great!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa DuthieMy Brighton friends daughter is a model… I’ll post this on her FB, she might be interested …ReplyCancel