A touching reminder about why this photography project is important and valuable

First of all a very big thank you to everyone who has contacted me and booked their place on this project.

Thank you too to those of you (and you know who you are) who have been so generously spreading the word about it. You will recall that the opportunity to participate in this project is only open to people who truly love photography.

You can imagine how deeply touched I was when I received this Facebook message.

“For me it’s the memories that come with photography. When I’m behind the camera, when I’m in the photograph or when I show someone a photograph. I love the emotion you can capture; I love the expression you see in people’s eyes. I love the way that you can capture details that you couldn’t ever replicate in a thought or a dream, the way that your grandmother’s face wrinkles, or how a new born baby’s toes curl up. I think the most value comes from the memories you capture and the emotions you freeze in time, and can recreate each time you view a photograph.

Each Christmas my sister and I give my mum a photo album. This year, the best feeling in the world was seeing her cry once she received it, hearing her gush about the holiday we had in 1993 after seeing just one photo of it. For me, that’s the value of photography whether you’re paying for professional images, or you’re capturing it on a flimsy disposable camera.”   Of course, I immediately said yes to the person who wrote that!

Speaking of saying yes to bookings, today I had two new enquiries and we were struggling to find a free weekend between now and the end of April (which is when I hope have completed the photographing phase of this project).

At the time of writing the Easter Weekend  (7,8 & 9 April) is the only free weekend so please step smartly forward if that suits you (and most of the following week days are still available too). Prior to that I have a few free days scattered about during March and another  three days in April (with no room left for the rest of February) So far each of the portrait sessions have been photographed during daylight hours (for the reason of maximising the lighting opportunities) but I have accepted one booking for an evening shoots because I know that we can use my lighting set-up effectively too. If  a couple of hours one evening between now and the end of April suits you better then please let me know directly by telephone or via the contact form on this website.   Thank you for your support,


Stephen 07990 525 814

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  • Sean TonerStephen i’m looking forward to seeing the results of your project. I wish i was over that side of the Irish Sea to take part. All the best

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