Pictures for an Exhibition – my call for your help please

I am planning an exhibition of photographic portraits, for later this year.

I’d like to ask you for help finding people who’d like their portrait taken.

I’m looking for people who appreciate high quality photography.

The intention is to display a series of images presented in a way that is sympathetic to the person.  I want to present them in a loving light that evokes a positive response, like, “I absolutely love that portrait of you”.

Of course, you might decide to do this yourself!  If so, when you’re ready to step forward then get in touch. We will find a date, time and place to create your portrait.

Obviously not every portrait can be exhibited but I shall do my level best to create something special with you in mind.

Your thoughts, ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for getting in touch using the contact form on this website.


07990 525 814

p.s. For the reasons suggested above only those people who love and appreciate photography will be considered for this special event

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