Pictures for an Exhibition – my call for your help please

I am planning an exhibition of photographic portraits, for later this year.

I’d like to ask you for help finding people who’d like their portrait taken.

I’m looking for people who appreciate high quality photography.

The intention is to display a series of images presented in a way that is sympathetic to the person.  I want to present them in a loving light that evokes a positive response, like, “I absolutely love that portrait of you”.

Of course, you might decide to do this yourself!  If so, when you’re ready to step forward then get in touch. We will find a date, time and place to create your portrait.

Obviously not every portrait can be exhibited but I shall do my level best to create something special with you in mind.

Your thoughts, ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for getting in touch using the contact form on this website.


07990 525 814

p.s. For the reasons suggested above only those people who love and appreciate photography will be considered for this special event

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  • stephenHello everyone

    The People for an Exhibition Project started in January 2012 – after a few delays and a false start with the printing of the book, guess what?
    60 lovely people are now officially in print!

    the project has not yet finished because we want to attract an exhibition space.

    So far the project has been time consuming, hard work, expensive, frustrating but MUCH more importantly, inspirational, uplifting, loving and worth every moment.

    Along the way I have been blessed by friends, friends of friends and complete strangers revealing something very special about themselves and allowing that intimate moment to be shared with the world.

    I wonder what will happen next?ReplyCancel

  • stephenOnly one month to go …….ReplyCancel

  • stephenHi there – just wanted to thank everyone who has stepped forward and share this message:

    This is absolutely the last call to action for anyone wishing to participate in my pictures for an exhibition project. The 3 major eligibility criteria are:

    1) You have a demonstrable love and appreciation of photography
    2) That’s it
    3) see 1) above

    I plan to have finished the process of creating the photographic portraits by the end of April 2012. That is clearly why it’s important that you make contact with me now to reserve your place.

    Ideally I would love to see a 50/50 mix of male and female sitters for the project and (at the time of writing) I would like to extend a very friendly invitation to a few more male photography lovers to bravely (or even coyly) step forward to spend some time with me and my cameras.

    Thank you for helping out and I look forward to you sharing this message with people who can be in London anytime between now and the end of April.


    07990 525 814ReplyCancel

  • stephenHey Wendy I’m pleased that we managed to time in our diaries. I’m looking forward to our shoot.

    Hi Shellie – may we speak soon? I’ve sent you an email with contact detalis.



  • stephenHey Wendy _ I’m pleased tat we managed t find some time – looking forward to our shoot.

    Hi Shellie – Can we speak soon to set up a date?



  • ShellieHi Stephen

    If its not too late, I would love to be involved in your exhibition. You did a beautiful photograph of a friend of mine and as I am also interested in photography (the early stages) it would be lovely to be part of something like this.

    Thanks 🙂ReplyCancel

  • wendyI am interested in your work. I have seen this page via Sophie Moore. Brgds

  • stephenProject Update

    At the time of writing 10 portrait sessions have been completed (we had a lot of fun together).

    12 more sessions have been booked and I love the idea of to creating 30 memorable portraits by the end of April.

    Thank you to everyone who have already been brave enough to step forward and to those of you who will be working with me on the project as it nears completion.


  • Rachel AlexanderHi Stephen
    I would be very interested in one of your March slots – you come highly recommended from Mahnaz!
    Many thanks

  • stephenAll of the portrait session for February are now booked up. There are some spaces left for March. Please email me, leave a message here or contact me by phone

    Exciting and creative times for the project participants!

    Thank you all.


  • stephenThanks for making contact Marie and Mandy

    Marie – I have sent a friend request via Facebook – let’s talk

    Mandy – please would you email me with some more information about you using the contact form on this website

    Thank you both


  • mandyi love photography…take loads of pics on my travels and diving…would be very interested in what you up to.ReplyCancel

  • Marie Johnston-WardAbsolutely share your passion for capturing the essence of someone in their best light. I’d love u to take my pic. Friend me on Facebook if you want to check out the kind of photos I take and the ones I like of myself. Whether u chose to make me one of your subjects or not, I wish u the very best with your exhibition. Marie xReplyCancel

  • stephenThanks everyone

    Sally – I really appreciate your comment!

    Ranjit – Are you based in Bristol? If so I’ll be visiting there to record an episode of Photography 121 and create a portrait too.

    Clive – Thank you – see you soon

    Jodie – will be seeing you soon too!

    Laura – Let’s find a date, time and place.

    Michael – No venue is booked because, uncharacteristically, I’m taking things step by step. This project is a big investment for me in terms of time, energy and money that I want to take my time and produce a special exhibition. At the moment I am concentrating on setting up the portrait sessions and then booking a venue, ordering the prints, organising hanging and inviting people to the first viewing.

    My preferences are to show the exhibition in London, Brighton and, maybe, Bristol but who knows where the portraits will end up being seen? One thing is sure the selected images will not be revealed until day one of the exhibition.

    Thank to you all once again.


  • Michael OrourkeStephen
    Looking forward to the exhibition, where is it to be held?ReplyCancel

  • LauraStephen – would always welcome another opportunity to do a photoshoot with you, cheers LauraReplyCancel

  • JodieHi Steve, this is something I am interested in 🙂ReplyCancel

  • CliveGood luck with this my friend. Hope this gets through.ReplyCancel

  • Ranjit KrishnammaHi,

    Gideon Mitchell suggested I might be right for this and I’d certainly be interested.

    I’m an actor and so comfortable in front of a camera.

    I also lead intensive workshops like The Mastery of Self-Expression and so am comfortable with being “seen.”ReplyCancel

  • Sally SlackLove the portraits so far! Good luck with the exhibition!ReplyCancel

  • stephenThe first three subjects of my Pictures for an Exhibition have been photographed. More are booked but I would love, love, love your help in finding people to step forward and show my their face, soul and love for photography.

    Thank you for your help.


  • stephenThe project will be starting soon (several people have expressed an interest and I am booking hour long portrait sessions with them).

    Please let me if you or someone you know will be interested in participating in this Pictures for an Exhibition project.

    Thank you