Combining Passions

What are your feelings, suggestions and thoughts about this?

I want to see something within my personal and corporate portrait photography, something that shows the spirit of the person in front of the camera. Something special. Something worthwhile.

Some people might treat photography as a highly scientific or technical process. For me at least, it is better to understand the process of creating portraits as a heart based activity.

There are very few things in life that mean so much to me as people and photography. Someone once said that people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. How does this suggestion sit with you?


When spending time with anyone, we can never know if that will be the last time that we ever meet.

Even when we know that we want to see someone in the future, our busy lives, circumstances beyond out control and the constant progress of the clock seem to prevent us from seeing them as often as we would like. Memories of people and special moments feel more real through photography in a way in which other media never quite achieve.

It is not for me to say if I manage to do what I want to see with my photographic portraits, to capture the spirit of the person. Only you can judge.  To help you to make your own mind up I am sharing some portraits with you in this short slide show. The people in the slide show are just a few of the many people in my life whose spirit has caught my eye.

Some of the people in my photographs are friends, some are fleeting acquaintances and a few are strangers met while out walking with my camera. A few others are the subject of photographs specifically created in a controlled studio environment, These are wonderful people who agreed to spend some time with me and my camera(s).

What, i sincerely hope, is that  each photograph creates a sense of identity, spirit and the life, love and laughter that we all experience.

What do you feel and think when you look at these photographic portraits?

I am looking forward to continuing the creative process of capturing the individual spirit of people in a long series of personal and corporate portraits over the coming months and years. Each portrait will be unique.

When you decide to experience my photography for yourself, a loved one or for colleagues please get in touch.

When is the next best time for us to meet up?

Thank you


Stephen Cotterell

07990 525 814

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